Welcome to Trieste, a city with enchanting allure nestled along the Northern coast of Italy. Founded by the Romans and later shaped by centuries of Habsburg rule, Trieste is steeped in history that is not only reflected in its architecture but unique blend of Italian, Austrian and Slavic culture. As a vibrant melting pot of cultures, Trieste  boasts a rich tapestry of sights and experiences that are well worth exploring.

Commonly known as The Pearl of Adriatic, Trieste offers many unique opportunities for photography. When visiting, my aim is to not only capture iconic landmarks, such as the bustling Piazza Unità d'italia and majestic Miramare Castle overlooking the sea, but to delve deeper into the heart of Trieste and uncover what makes this place a hidden gem of Italy. 

Being married to a lovely women who grew up in Trieste, I am afforded the opportunity to visit this city often. My hope is that these, and future photographs capture the essence of the city in a unique yet authentic way that makes her proud. 



Pearl of the Adriatic
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