Welcome to Bled, Slovenia- a picturesque gem nestled in the heart of the Julian Alps. Surrounded by snow capped peaks, tranquil waters, and an enchanting church perched atop an island, Lake Bled is a place of unparalleled splendor and timeless charm that is begging to be photographed. When visiting Bled, time seems stand still and an abundance of frames quickly present themselves. Much of time here was spent walking the pristine shores during sunrise, marveling at reflections as the sun slowly cast its warmth upon the landscape. 

My goal when capturing such a photogenic place is to convey the true sense of serenity and wonder in a way that does the scene justice. Often times this can prove difficult as such beauty can only be fully realized in person. My hope is that these photographs celebrate Lake Bled with authenticity and thoroughly capture the beauty that permeates every corner of this Slovenian gem. 



The Crown Jewel of Slovenia
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